History of KYANA Woodcrafters Club - according to Doc Byrd - February 19, 2013


Notes from Ray Thornton:


In late 1985, Frank Giacalone, a patent attorney for GE Appliances and Ray Thornton, Manager of Room Air Conditioning Dept Systems Engineering had many discussions on woodworking projects. As a results of these discussions they decided to survey GE workers by placing notices on each building bulletin board to determine if any GE people might be interested in getting together to discuss woodworking in general, and possibly starting a club.


The responses were very encouraging. We held our first meeting in January 1986 with about 10 people present. At this meeting the following was decided:

It was also agreed at the January 1986 meeting to have the next meeting in March at Jim Kreko's residence. Prior to the March meeting officers were voted on and approved, namely:

Those present at the March meeting were J Dalgren, F Giacalone, J. Kreko, W. Marshall, R Mascharka, J. Pohl, J. Schulze, S. Thornton, R. Thornton, C. Wellman, B. Whelan and J Yartz. The constitution and by-laws were adopted at this meeting.


The April meeting was held at 7:30 p.m. at Carl Wellman's home with 10 people present. Frank Giacalone agreed to have the executive committee study the club finance requirements and possible meeting locations. The next meeting was to be held at John Dalgren's home.


The club dues were established at the May 1986 meeting @ $20.00 annually. It was also decided to advertise in the GE news and bulletin boards for interested prospects. The decision was also made to meet monthly at St. Mathews Community center starting with the September meeting.


The June 1986 meeting was held at John Pohl's home.


Attendance and membership increased rapidly as a result of the GE advertising and notices at Lowes, Home Depot and bargain Supply.


July 1986 meeting:

Notes from Doc Byrd:

I, Doc Byrd, saw an article in the GE newspaper asking if you would like to help start a woodworking club. I believe this was around 1985 time frame. In some of the documentation that I have about our club I see a note from John Dahlgren dated June 12, 1989 he stated "since our association started in 1986, our membership continues to grow...". The oldest notes that I have are dated April 2, 1987, but in our October 6, 1988 Newsletter our president, Wayne Marshall, states that from our meager beginnings 4-5 years ago our club has grown by leaps and bound.


I answered the ad in the GE paper and about 5 or 6 former and current GE employees met in John Yartz's dining room in Anchorage to discuss starting a woodworking club. I believe those present were John Yartz, Frank Giacalone, Wayne Marshall, Ray Thornton, Aiden Stone and myself. To get the word out that we were trying to start a woodworking club, we placed notices on the bulletin boards at Levy's Lumber & Building Center and at H&S Hardware on Preston Highway. We met several times and finally decided to start meeting in the St Matthew's Community Center - located across from The Mall behind a bowling alley.


We started having monthly meeting at that location, but not on any certain date of the month.


I have notes where our first Show & Tell program that was held at the St Matthews Community Center November 1986.


At the regular monthly meeting that was held April 2, 1987 we had 34 members attend and 67 guests attend.


Frank Giacalone asked that a committee be formed whose purpose to develop programs for our woodworking club. The following members were asked to be on that committee:


Bob Beck                                Doc Byrd                    Bob Ford

Bob Mascharka                       Del Painter                  Cliff Sawyer

Burr Stanton                           Aid Stone                    Steve Thornton

John Yartz


The committee met April 8, 1987 at 5:30 at Bob Ford's place of business. At that meeting it was just about impossible to get folks to talk. I, Doc Byrd, took minutes of the meeting.


Aidan Stone asked if we could get Elmo Hardesty to tell us how he goes about building a piece of furniture.

Burr Stanton suggested Bob Beck show the club how to make picture frames.


Here are other suggestions:


The following programs were suggested for the upcoming months:


At our May 1987 regular meeting we were asked to present the results of the committee meeting. I, Doc Byrd, had typed the minutes and got up and read them to the club. Our club President, Frank Giacalone, asked for someone to be the program chairman. Everyone said that I should be it. So I was the program chairman for the next several years.

In June 1987 the Program Committee met again and these suggestions were made:


Aiden Stone said that he has a video camera and that if any of the members wanted to put on a program, but had to do it from their shop (because of not being able to haul the woodworking equipment to the meeting or have 50 people in the shop at once). Aiden could do a recording, and show the video at the regular meeting.


At a later meeting we were asked for suggestions for a logo for our newsletter. Jack Bell came up with "Wood You Know" and was given a hammer as a prize. I told him I thought we should have given him a tablesaw as the prize. He also published our first newsletters.


On July 2, 1987 the program committee met:


We discussed upcoming programs:


It was also decided that some of the future programs will be divided and will be put on by several members. That is, we may have a discussion on wood finishing during the first half and then have one or two other members do a program on cabinet scrapers. By having 2 or 3 members participate you get different views on the subject and there is less work for the participants in preparing the program. Also, if one member can't make the meeting we still have a program.


You may be asked to volunteer to help with a program back to back for a couple months until we get more members in the club to volunteer.


It has been suggested that if you are to put on a program try to bring samples of the subject. It makes the job easier for the members to comprehend what you are doing.


Possibly ask for 2 or 3 members to bring an item they have made for each meeting.


Here is what I had for notes for 1987:

June 17, 1987 Program: Sharpening chisels and scrapers; by Burr Stanton. Also Picture Framing; by Del Painter and Bob Beck.


July 1987 Program: Project Planning by Tom Jenkins; Jigs by Elmo Hardesty and Vic Kurowski;


August 1987 our first newsletter was published. Jack Bell was the editor. The newsletter was hand written. It was suggested that a name be given to the newsletter. At a later meeting Jack Bell suggested “Wood You Know” as the name. He was given a Worthington hammer as a prize. I told the club I thought he should have received something more substantial – like a tablesaw.


August 1987 Program: Aniline Stains by Tom Jenkins; Also had a panel discussion on finishing by Elmo Hardesty, Bob Ford; Lou Newman and Wayne Marshall with Doc Byrd moderating;


October 1987 Program: Sharpening Scrapers by Cliff Ericksen.


January 1988 Vol. 2 issue 1. The headlines was "NEW MEETING PLACE". We were moving to Bethel United Church of Christ in St Matthews. We also published our membership list as of December 18, 1987. There were 62 members in our club. I believe we had some sort of a newsletter starting around August 1987.


At one of the meeting it was decide to name of the club KYANA (for Kentucky / Indiana) Woodcrafters Inc. We also have decided to start meeting on the first Thursday of the month. We were still meeting in July. Our dues are $20.00 a year. Our calendar runs from April 1st through March 31st.




Here are more note that I, Doc Byrd, have concerning our club:


July 7, 1988 Program: The Cabriole Leg - Panel members: Wayne Marshall and Frank Giacalone; Comment: Coming Attractions: Your program chairman, Doc Byrd, is planning programs soon on "Tips on Collecting Dust from a Table Saw or Other Stationary Tools" and another on "Decorative Cornice Moldings" - used on chests, beds, clocks, etc.


NOTE: In the local newspaper several months prior there was an article about a man that was blind since a young child and had taught himself woodworking. His name was Jim Scoggins. I invited him to come to our woodworking meeting. He came to our July meeting and I gave him a ride home. While at the July meeting on cabriole legs a chair leg was passed around for the members to review. At the August meeting Jim Scoggins brought in a miniature cabriole leg that he had made. He said from feeling of the leg at the prior meeting he figured out how to make it.


August 4, 1988 Program; Chair caning by Jim Scoggins; also Courterco - Cabinet Makers Equipment & Suppliers - Kevin Courter; A note from the president (Wayne Marshall): It's hard to believe that a whole year has passed since the first issue of our newsletter. We salute the newsletter staff for a good year.


After the August meeting, I gave Jim Scoggins a ride home. He wanted me to meet his wife and teenage daughter then check out his shop. His shop was much nicer than mine. He said when he built his work bench he put a small draw just under the bench top so that when he was working on something with small parts he placed the parts in the drawer otherwise he would spent a lot of time searching for the parts. Remember Jim is totally blind. He said he had two accidents in his shop. Once with a push/pull handsaw and once with a router. He also turned large bowls on a lathe. He said it was scary turning a something large and he can’t see it.


July 6, 1989 Program: The Art of Wood Carving by James K. Lyons. Included in Mr. Lyons' presentation will be a preview showing of the large wall carving of an eagle he was commissioned to make for the City of Louisville. Mr. Lyons is a nationally known wood sculptor, and indeed, a privilege to have him as our guest speaker.

Note: We've purchased some long term equipment for the club. Most of you have seen the 26" TV and its VCR and the P.A. system. We will also soon have a storage cabinet for this equipment and our library book and VCR tapes that Carl Aebersold has been carrying in so faithfully but laboriously each meeting.


Here is our 1989/1990 Budget:

3/31/89 Balance                      $1,519.28

1989/90 Dues                            1,200.00 (that would be for 56 members at $20.00)

Rent                                            (375.00)

Postage                                        (275.75)

Library                                                    (399.00)

Show & Tell                                (170.44)

Speakers' fees & Exp.                 (300.00)

Brochure                                     (125.00)

Program Exp.                              (  33.70)

Membership Comm. Exp.           (  20.00)

Newsletter Supplies                    (  15.00)

Misc. Exp.                                   (   60.00)

Video Equip.                               (360.00)

P.A. System                                (247.71)

Storage Cabinet                          (100.00)

3/31/90 Balance                          $157.68      


In our June 1989 Newsletter it was announced that we will start making wooden toys for the Salvation Army. We decided we couldn’t use the name Toys for Tots since that name is already taken. So we came up with Toys For Little Shavers.


Folks were asked to bring toys for Toys for Little Shavers to be brought in at our December 7, 1989 meeting.


Here is what is recorded in our Articles of Incorporation


Book 419 Page 392                 - Received Feb 26, 1991

Articles of Incorporation of KYANA Woodcrafters, Inc.




            That I, Franklin Drake, a natural person of legal age, do form a nonprofit corporation under the laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and for the purpose, adopt the follow Articles of Incorporation.


            The name of the corporation shall be Kyana Woodcrafters, Inc.


            The purpose for which the corporation is organized, its rights, privileges and powers, the business which it may be empowered to conduct and enterprises in which it may engage shall be limited to charitable, benevolent, educational, fraternal, and artistic purposes only, for which corporations may be incorporated under Chapter 273 of the Statutes of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


            The duration of the corporation shall be perpetual.


            There shall be no stock issued for this nonprofit corporation.


            The address of the initial registered office shall be 12031 Running Creek Road, Louisville, KY 40243. The name and address of the corporation's initial registered agent is Robert H. Skidmore, 12031 Running Creek Road, Louisville, KY 40243


            (a) The number of the initial directors of the corporation shall be three (3).

            (b) The names and addresses of the initial members of the Board of Directors who shall serve as such until the first annual meeting of the membership or until a successor or successors shall be elected and qualified are:



Ferd Graham                                                                                                              

            Elmo Hardesty                                                           

            John Gernert                                                                                                                                                              


                        The address of the corporation's principal office is 12031 Running Creek Road, Louisville, KY 40243

            ARTICLE VIII

            The name and address of the incorporator for the corporation is Franklin Drake, whose address is 801 West Jefferson Street, Louisville, KY 40202

            NOW THEREFORE, for the purposes set out hereinabove the undersigned does affix his signature this 21st day of February, 1991.

                                    Franklin Drake, Incorporator

                                    Attorney at Law




            I, a notary public in and for the state and county aforesaid, do hereby certify that the foregoing instrument of writing this date was produced, signed, and acknowledged before me by Franklin Drake, to be his voluntary act and deed.

            WITNESS my hand this 21st day of February, 1991

            Julie M. Pike, NOTARY PUBLIC, STATE AT LARGE, KY

            This instrument prepared by:



Note: Frank Drake was one of KYANA members.


Submitted by Doc Byrd