Minutes- Kyana May 6, 2010 Meeting

*     Meeting called to order @ 7:30 PM by President Tom Volpe.
*     Treasurers report: #,130 at present.
*     Membership report; 2 new members and 2 guests present
*     John Gernert reported: Wednesdays Courier had an article in it about the Kyana Woodcrafters Club.
*     Roger McClure reported; A Shopsmith for sale, seldom used for with $1,000 worth of accessories Also a radial arm saw and a buffer’ Contact Roger for more info.
*     Chris Hactig reported that he is interested in starting a woodworking class at Waldorf school for 5th. And 6th. Grade students.
*     Tool Review; Harold Yancy discussed carbide turning tool with hand made handle, also Charlie ? Reported on a hand made frame saw that also rips. Gordon   ? Showed a rubber pad for disc sand paper.
*     Door Prizes:   Three donated by the Woodcraft store.
*     Program by Chip Miller;

Chip discussed items such as “Where do you get ideas for projects, “ ”where to get wood”.”types of finish”.  This was followed by members presenting projects>
Doc Byrd presented trophy cases and wood urns for both humans and pets.

George Street gave a visual presentation on cedar strip canoe project which was very interesting.

David Weller discussed “Golden Rule Callipers–Umbrella

?    Swift displayed a yarn wrapping device

Next Meeting, June—4 to 6 children to paint toys

Meeting g adjourned at 8:40 PM.

Respectfully submitted,


Ray Thornton, secretary”