Kyana meeting minutes –February 3, 2011

*    Meeting started @ 7:30 PM by President Tom Volpe
*     75 present including 3 guests
*     Treasurers report: $2,200 to date
*     Membership–No rport
*     President Tom reported that 2 of our current members recently passed away; Ed Culberson and Bill Plauche.
*     Tool review: super glue and a member had special size sand paper for sale.
*     Door prizes: joining clamps,mat, etc.
*     Chris Krauskopf displayed and discussed his new rocking chair
*     A request was made asking for volunteers to help build an 8' by 8' cabinet for a school.
* chip Miller asked members to provide him with their email address.

Four members to speak to Chip’s questions. Ray Knight, Marv Ewing, George Bereng andChris Krauskopf.
Chris presented background information on each speaker.
Questions asked :
“What are their favorite projects” ,”Favorite wood”, “Favorite tool and finish”, “Where do you get your wood”and “most important shop tip “.
Most important shop tips.--
“Don’t work when tired”
“Keep tools sharp”
“Keep shop clutter free.”
“Keep chop saw down until blade stops completely”
Meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Ray Thornton, secretary