KYANA Woodcrafters minutes of meeting 11/4/2010 by Doc Byrd

Our meeting presentation was by Chris Schwarz editor of Popular Woodworking on Nine Essential Planes.

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 by President Tom Volpe.

Finance Report of $3,069.37. Tom Volpe announced that our dues have been $24.00 since the club was founded in 1984 and the board of directors had decided to raise the dues next year to $30.00 per year. He said this would allow us to expand our library of books and videos as well as bring in high caliber speakers.

There were 3 visitors and we got two new members. These members are: Tim Hurlburt of LaGrange and Terry Morrical of Louisville. There were 87 members present for the meeting.

Tom Volpe announced that he would like to get samples of finishes to be kept for our member to see. He would supply veneer for this and wanted to have written on the back the type of finish, the grit of sandpaper used, etc. along with the person’s name who produced the sample.

Chip Miller introduced our speaker, Chris Schwarz and the meeting was underway.

            Chris pointed out the Popular Woodworking Magazine is headquartered in Cincinnati and there are approximately 200,000 subscribers to the magazine.
Here is a pointer to Chris’ discussion of Nine Essential Planes:

            The planes that Chris discussed and demonstrated were:

Jack Plane – the one he showed he had purchased used for $12.00 years ago and he still uses it. He said these are in the 16-18” in length and you plane across the grain to allow it to slice easier.

            Chris used winding sticks to see if the board had any twist in it.

Jointer Plane – 22 – 30” in length. With this he can joint a board that is twice the length of the plane. With this plane he cut across the board then with the grain.

Smoothing Plane – these are numbered #2, #3, $4. He uses this plane for the last step of finishing. It removed marks left by other planes.

Block planes – make sure you get a low angle one.

Fillister Plane – these come in both right handed or left-handed.

Router Plane – uses for making dado or for cutting ½ laps for joining. He uses this plane for cutting out for hinges and for doing inlay work.

Shoulder Plane or Rabbeting Plane – Used for cleaning up joints, for making rabbets wider or deeper or paring cheeks. This plane is designed to cut end grains up to 1 ¼” wide.

Plow Plane – Used for grooving. Cut from opposite end so plane doesn’t follow the grain. Very much like rabbeting plane.

Scraper Plane – he said you can get a cabinet plane for around $20.00, but he had a Stanley # 80. These planes help to get the surface flat. For the end grains, he moistens with alcohol to get the grain to expand before planning.

Chris said if you are in Cincinnati to drop by their place. He said there is a show “Woodworking in America” the last weekend of September each year in Cincinnati.

Someone asked how he keeps his tools from rusting. He said he uses an oil called Jojoba – which comes from health food stores.

The meeting ended at 9:05.