Kyana Meeting Minutes March 3,2011

 *     Meeting opened @ 7: 30 PM by President Rom Volpe
*     66 present including 3 guests and 1 new member.
*     Bruce Edsten gave an excellent taped presentation of a project he completed and taped . The discussion covered the progress from conception to completion.
*     Treasurers report: $2300 as of meeting time.
*     Membership report: No report.
*     It was reported by a member thay Doc Strudel, a long time member recently passed away.
*     A request was made for more e-mail information is needed since the News letter is no longer mailed to members.
*     19 new books have recently been added to the library.
*     Dick Scheu announced that the Kentucky Craft Market will bbe at the Fairgrounds on March 19th.
*     Tiny Timbers in Deputy , Indiana was discussed as having very ecconomical wood for sale.
*     Todd a. Smith announced that Formwood industries has wood available for members who make toys for “Little Shavers”
*     Door Prizes: saw blade,nail finder and three gift certificates.
*     John Gernert asked if any members would be interested in helping to make a cabinet for Walden  school.
*      Tennyu America ,Inc represented  saw blade manufacturer and Roger McClure stated that these blades are the best he has ever used

*     Meeting adjourned @ 9:05 PM.

Respectfully submitted,


Ray Thornton, secretary