August, 2011 minutes

Minutes st 4, 2011Kyana Meeting-August 4,2011

*     Meeting opened @  7:32 PM by Chip Miller
*      It was announced that one of our members, Billy Darwood is in Baptist East with chest pains. Hope he is back to normal by now.
*     68 present including 2 visitors.
*     Treasurers report:$2,405 at present
*     Membership report: 80 paid to date and 49 unpaid.
*     Carl Aebersold requested that members please return over due items to the library ASAP.
*     Marvin Ewing discussed file cleaning by a California co. Contact Marvin for address.
*     George Behrend talked about our telephone tree–more action.
*     Officer and DOB nominating committee to be announced un September and slate of candidates in October and election at November meeting.
*     September meeting will be shared. Dick Scheu will present a program on Christmas ornament making along with a “Swap Shop’.
*     December meeting will be “Tos for Little Shavers” meeting. This years goal is set at over 1,600.
*     Program; ----Outdoor demonstrations by Doc Byrd, Parker Curtis, Chris Krauskopf, Hob Miller, Roger McClure, Gorden Hoerig.

Door prizes; six presented by Woodcraft store.

Respectfully presentd by:

Ray Thornton,secretary