Minutes Kyana November 3, 2011 Meeting

*     Meeting opened @ 7:30 PM by Chip Miller
*     71 present including 2 new members and 2 visitors.
*     Treasurers report: $3,009 to date
*      Nominating committee handed out ballots for officers and board member election
*     Parker Curtis reported that 811 toys reported complete by members to date.
*     Volunteers are needed for refreshments for the December meeting.
*     Tool review: hand operated router.
*     Pete Hitchcock was welcomed back after several months absent due to illness.
*     John P Briscoe reported tools for sale @ 502-968-6577.
*     Chip announced that Minwax is sponsoring a contest with $5,000/2,000 prizes.
*     Dale Barnhard announced Meagan Fitzpatrick who provided a great ,pictoral program entitled “I can do That” . Some of the items displayed were work bench, boook case and a live demonstration of various planes.
*     Meeting adjourned @ 9:10 PM

Respectifully submitted,


Ray Thornton, sec retary