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Member's Show & Tell - October, 2010

Dick Scheu at the swap meet (18kb) Swap meet tools (23kb) 003.jpg (24kb) The swap meet was well received (21kb) Carl Aebersold received a ribbon at the Kentucky State Fair for his 'By God's Hand' intarsia (22kb)
Carl Aebersold (21kb) Guillermo Rougier shows his chisel holder (17kb) Guillermo Rougier (22kb) Brent Pierce displays his turned pen collection (25kb) Brent Pierce (27kb)
Walter Lay shows his beautifully crafted guitars (19kb) 015b.jpg (23kb) Bob Streever and one of his twin toy chests (19kb) Bob Streever (15kb) Hob Miller shows a turned bowl (16kb)
Charles Jackson with toy car and steam shovel (23kb) Charles Jackson (14kb) David Weller made a turntable for his turned bowl (25kb) David Weller (25kb) Jerry Hitchcock with his toy truck (24kb)
Jerry Hitchcock (15kb) Ron Hirsch shows his turned lamp (21kb) Ron Hirsch (24kb) Harold Watson made fret work trivets, puzzle (24kb) Harold Watson (27kb)
Tom Volpe and his veneered jewel case (19kb) Tom Volpe (20kb) George Street and his 'One Board' basket (26kb) George Street (22kb) Dick Scheu displays an ornament (14kb)
Dick Scheu (22kb) Doc Byrd with his candle holder (20kb) Doc Byrd (16kb) Merrill Moter build a receptionist's desk from 100 year old reclaimed lumber (19kb) Merrill Moter (20kb)
Roger McClure explains the use of a specialized turning chisel (24kb) Roger McClure (15kb)