Minutes Kyana Woodcraft Club Meeting –May 5, 2011

*     Meeting opened @ 7;30 PM by Program Manager Chip Miller

*    54 present including two visitors and one new member ,Chris Livinggood

*      No financial report

*     Membership report: 70 paid members to date

*     Library report: $3oo worth of new books recently placed in library.

*     Nominating committee formed: , members; Mitch Luckett, and Ray Knight.

*    Chip Miller needs update on all member e-mails since some members are not getting correspondence.

*     Tool Review: Dick  Scheu Kelly Mailer recommends “Ear Flex” ear plugs which are priced @ $8.75 each

*     June  meeting is the meeting to display results of the “one board’ project.. Also members are asked to share information jigs @ fixtures.
*     July; no meeting
*     August–Skills to be demonstrated by members
*     Sept.–Dick Scheu to have program on making his Christmas ornaments.

*     Chris Krauskopf displayed his rocking chair and asked for comments to improve design.
 Program; Terry Smith and his son Jeff .presented a very descriptive program on Locktite products . Some interesting information on various products used for different metals and how they accomplish easy removal of parts.

Meeting adjourned @ 8:50 Pm

Respectfully submitted,

Ray Thornton, secretary