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Our Panel of Experts Discussion - January, 2012

Raised panel doors were given away (27kb) IMG_0038.jpg (23kb) IMG_0039.jpg (21kb) IMG_0040.jpg (37kb) President Chip Miller confers with Webmaster Bob Streever (31kb)
Librarian Carl Aebersold (26kb) IMG_0043.jpg (26kb) An example of carvings by the Louisville Woodcarvers Association (15kb) IMG_0045.jpg (21kb) Left Roger McClure, Doc Byrd, Jason Brangers, Mitch Luckett (25kb)
Jason Brangers explains what went into the making of his amazing wooden motorcycle (26kb) Doc Byrd shows the SawStop mechanism that saved his finger! (26kb) Roger McClure shows his segmented turnings (20kb)