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One thing a woodworker must learn to do is discipline themselves to apply the old adage to “measure twice and cut once”. Unfortunately in my haste to put together the presentation on using electrolysis to remove rust. I failed to practice the discipline implied in that saying. I messed up. I prepared the Electrolysis  handout document, then,  I went on line and found a diagram that would show how the setup should be made. I was careful to pull a drawing that showed the “+” and “-“ for correct wire attachment. Un fortunately, I made the mistake of thinking that something on the internet “had to be right”. It was not. As a result when I set up the experiment for the club I attached the leads from my battery charger and I checked the diagram to be sure I had done so correctly. You can recall how cruddy the parts looked after I pulled them out in less than an hour. I quickly checked the drawing and surmised I had in deed hooked them up properly. ( Previously  I had not pulled any of my parts at home that early in the process.) So last night  my initial  assumption was that the parts had to look worse before they could look better). When I returned home I set the tank back up in my shop and reconnected it. When I did, I noticed the anodes (rebar rods) were boiling off bubbles. (I usually observed this action on the parts that were being cleaned-cathode). This sent me back to investigate, where upon I discovered my error. I am attaching a corrected document and would like to make it available if possible to the club on the website. My deepest apologies for the misleading information. I am hopeful that both parts will clean up beautifully and I will have them at the next meeting to show the final results. By the way hooded up properly the tank appears the same as it did last night cruddy pond water look with a foam of rust on top.


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