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Larry Smith of Festool shows why these portable power tools are superior - April, 2011

IMG_4255.jpg (47kb) IMG_4256.jpg (48kb) IMG_4257.jpg (52kb) IMG_4261.jpg (38kb) IMG_4262.jpg (47kb)
IMG_4263.jpg (53kb) IMG_4264.jpg (50kb) IMG_4265.jpg (54kb) IMG_4266.jpg (30kb) This is a finished edge. (16kb)
Dust extraction ia an important element in the Festool design. (35kb) IMG_4269.jpg (31kb) IMG_4270.jpg (40kb) IMG_4271.jpg (34kb) Random orbit sander used as a buffer. (41kb)
IMG_4273.jpg (33kb) IMG_4274.jpg (34kb) IMG_4275.jpg (39kb) IMG_4276.jpg (30kb) IMG_4277.jpg (30kb)