February 2, 2012 meeting minutes

*      Meeting opened @ 7:30 PM by president Chip Miller

*    Treasurers report: $1,955 at present,
*     Membership report: 107 paid to date.
*     81 present including 4 new members and 2 visitors.
*     Ray Knight discussed and displayed shaker box making and assembly.
*     A personal questionnaire was passed out with a request that it be returned at our next meeting.
*     Tool review: Shopsmith will be in town this weekend.
*     Chip Miller announced that 11/4 wheels will be sold at the Sept and Oct. Meetings.
*     Five door prizes, stop blocks, sander cleaner, sand paper, matt and joint crafter were distributed.
*     Club website was reviewed and request for info. was made.
*     Mitch Luckett survey includes many items such as table saw safety, library items, ans many more..
*     The BOD at the January meeting approved $500 for library improvements..
*     Roger McClure will demonstrate the Incra on Feb 25 from 1 to 4 at Woodcraft.
*     A recent survey showed top woodworking magazines to be Fine Woodworking followed by Woood.
*     Meeting adjourned @ 8: 42 PM.

Respectfully submitted,


Ray Thornton, secretary