Minutes,Kyana Woodcrafters August 2, 2012 Meeting

*     Meeting opened @ 7:30 PM by President Chip Miller.
*     65 present including 1 guest and 1 new member.
*     Treasurers report: $3,105 at present.
*     Membership report: 82 pais members to date.
*     Tool Review: Member presented a special glue brush and Roger McClure discussed a special Incra jig that can make box joints from 1/8 to 3/4 “.
*     George Behrend reported that a GE vendor has an opening for a person to cut plywood. Call George on 499,9671.
*     Marvin Ewing displayed a turned tea pot that he will be giving a demonstration on at The Woodcraft store next week.
*     Door prizes 2 glue brushes, 2clamps and 2 tape measures
*     Al Brun presented a large number of wood working magazines free for the taking.
*     Mitch Luckett presented a video on woodworking ,”The Wood Whispering”
*     John Chest told of a finish that he uses consisting of washing soda, boiled linseed oil and shellac..
*    Future meetings: Sept. “Show $ Tell’, Oct. “Jigs $ Fixtures’. Nov. “Furniture Repair” and Dec. “Toys for Tots.’
*     Several displays were set up on the porch manned by Chip Miller, Mitch Luckett, Ray Knight, Marvin Ewing and others.

Meeting adjourned @ 8:35 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Ray Thornton, secretary