Kyana Woodcrafters Meeting minutes 10/4/12

*     Meeting started @ 7:30 PM by Present Chip Miller
*     71 present including 2 visitors and 1 new member
*     Program tonight includes two programs, September as well as October
*     Membership report:   88 paid members to date
*     Treasurers report:$ 3,300 in treasury to date
*     Chip Miller stated that he has wheels on sale for .05 cents each
*     Sharpening system donated to the club, Chip asked for a member to take home to learn how to use and return next meeting to demonstrate to members
*     Tools for sale,  DeWalt saw and owner live out of town
*     A sheet was passed around for members to sign up for “toys for little shavers” program
*     The library was given $300 to purchase new material
*     A $50 gift certificate was presented to Carl Aebersold for his 25 years service as Librarian
*     November meeting will be election night for officers and BOD members
*     Mitch told of his trip to IF and identified several new tools not yet available , including Drill press,15" band saw, Bosch router, Delta grinder, dust collector and a band saw.
*     Projects on display by members: turned bowls bySandyLundberg, urn boxes by Doc Byrd, ornaments by Dicd  Scheu, turned checkered bowl by Roger McClure, birds by Carl Aebersold, game board by Jim Farristurned bowls by Marv Ewing, Guitars by Walt ?Adirondack chair by Chip Miller, saw tic by Mitch Luckett and wood zurcher by Dick Scheu
*     George Street showed pictures of a 7 drawer chest, Marv Ewing presented a system for making perfect round balls and David Weller discussed a table insert pattern.
*     Meeting adjourned at8:50 PM

Respectfully submitted,


Ray Thornton, secretary