Kyana Woodcrafters Meeting Minutes _2/7/13

*     Meeting opened @ 7:30 PM by President Chip Miller
*     69 present including 3 guests and no new members
*     Treasurers report: $2,659 at present.
*     Membership report: 91 to date.
*     Door prizes: 2 caliper sets, 2 chisels and2 tape measures
*     George Street has put together a calling committee to call members as needed.
*     A new wireless Mic. was used for the first time with great success.
*     The club has purchased 2,000 wheels free to members for our “toys for little tots program.
*     Wood Carvers next meeting is planed for9:AM on March 30.
*     Chris Krauskopf will be demonstrating turning ,etc, at the Lexington center.
*     Free cherry lumber pieces available outside in parking lot.
*    Program chairman Jason requested a suggestion for future meeting programs.
*     Members can display projects at meetings and a survey was distributed to be completed and returned at the March meeting.
*     Chip asked all members to start making toys for the December meeting.
*     March meeting: Marv Ewing cabinet building process.
*     April meeting–Instrument making.
*     Three panelists, John Schoener and George McCracken discussed various projects they were most I interested in.
Meeting adjourned @ 8:56 PM

Respectfully submitted,