Kyana Woodcrafters  BOD Meeting Minutes

                                                            Saturday July 13,2013


Present: Jason Brangers, Chip Miller, Mitch Luckett, Al Slaughter, Bob Strever, Bruce Edsen, Doc Byrd, Don Temple, George Street  and Ray Thornton.


  1. Meetig opened @ 9:00 AM by President Chip Miller
  2. Our meeting location was discussed and Chip stated  that he had discussed the subject with the new Walden school manager, Mr. Southwurst ,with the result that they are offering us a new conteract. He also appologized for the several problems  causing our meeting to be cancelled at the last minute .He stated that our meeting dates will be posted on their white board so everyone will be aware of the assigned dates.
  3. Russ. Is still looking for an alternate meeting location.
  4. Woodcraft store  will have a sale on July 27 & 28th. With 10%off.
  5. Membership:  currently at 70 paid members . The committee needs a way to contact prior members. Possibly have a table at the next sale.

September meeting, Porch demo. And swap shop.

  1. October meeting, Glue Rep.program.
  2. November meeting, Show & Tell.
  3. Wheels will be available at the next meeting.
  4. Finance report:  $3,140 to date.
  5. Chip announced that we need more business cards.
  6. The club history will be e-mailed out without adddresses.
  7. Meeting adjourned @ 10:05 AM.

Respectfully submitted,


Ray Thornton, secretary