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Toys for Little Shavers - Christmas 2011

IMG_4774.jpg (22kb) IMG_4775.jpg (24kb) IMG_4776.jpg (24kb) IMG_4777.jpg (17kb) IMG_4778.jpg (27kb)
IMG_4779.jpg (30kb) IMG_4781.jpg (22kb) IMG_4782.jpg (26kb) IMG_4783.jpg (25kb) IMG_4784.jpg (32kb)
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Members brought refreshments for our Christmas party (34kb) Salvation Army's Major Hawley accepts toys donated by members (13kb) Major Hawley of the Salvation Army (11kb) Roger McClure made 40 model T's and toy rabbits (25kb) Jim Banet made 27 trucks, planes and cars (27kb)
Jim Banet (25kb) IMG_4798.jpg (20kb) Harlod Watson made 13 puzzles (20kb) Jim Brotzge made 20 cars and busses (19kb) Bruce Edsten made 63 toy cars (34kb)
Harold Yancey made 10 cars (30kb) Larry Stephenson made 2 laminated cars (22kb) Rod Jedlicki made 18 cars and animals (23kb) Carl Larson made 50 cars (29kb) Bill Guenthner made 25 cars (30kb)
Al Slaughter made 15 helicopters (27kb) Chip Miller, Don Temple and Darryl Edwards made 300 2x4 cars! (31kb) James Willman made 112 cars, planes and horses (29kb) James Willman (33kb) Hob Miller and his cars (22kb)
Ron Hirsch made 50 cars (30kb) John made made rocking horses (28kb) Chris Krauskopf's family made 5 cradles (26kb) The Krauskopfs with their cradles (30kb) John Beach made 15 cars (36kb)
Ben Fielden made cradles (24kb) Mitch Luckett made 30 cars (25kb) Ray Knight made 24 cars (20kb) Jason Brangers made 18 cars (23kb) George Street made 15 ducks (16kb)
Not pictured: Floyd Benner made 14 squeeze toys