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Indianapolis Woodworking Show - January, 2012

IMG_0061.jpg (42kb) IMG_0062.jpg (40kb) IMG_0063.jpg (50kb) IMG_0064.jpg (49kb) IMG_0065.jpg (40kb)
Bob Streever with Rough Cut's Tommy MacDonald (37kb) IMG_0067.jpg (42kb) IMG_0068.jpg (43kb) Peachtree Tools had a huge sales area (42kb) IMG_0073.jpg (46kb)
There were many smaller demonstrations (44kb) IMG_0075.jpg (47kb) IMG_0076.jpg (42kb) Larry Smithe of Festool is a familiar face to Kyana members (44kb) Indelible Inlay of Hollywood, California gave a very interesting demonstration (49kb)
IMG_0081.jpg (32kb) IMG_0082.jpg (50kb) IMG_0083.jpg (41kb) IMG_0084.jpg (49kb) IMG_0085.jpg (49kb)
IMG_0086.jpg (41kb) IMG_0087.jpg (48kb) IMG_0088.jpg (23kb) IMG_0089.jpg (44kb) IMG_0090.jpg (41kb)
IMG_0091.jpg (46kb) IMG_0092.jpg (49kb) Jim Heavey of Wood Magazine (48kb) Dale and Mary Barnard (41kb) IMG_0096.jpg (47kb)
IMG_0097.jpg (46kb) IMG_0099.jpg (42kb) IMG_0100.jpg (44kb)